Top Proofs That Modeling Has Changed Forever

This time me and my friends decided to celebrate the diversity of today’s modeling world and showcase how people like you can be models, with our brand new video “I’m a Model Too”. USmodeling community is big and colorful, challenging common stereotypes and prejudice about how exactly models should look like. We want to bring people up to date with what’s really going on in the modeling world.

The demand from photographers, model agencies and big brands for all types of models from every walk of life is huge!

A modeling revolution is happening and when the fashion industry shows off all average types of appearance out there in the works they do – everyone’s a winner!

Today’s models are definitely different and now it’s about real people, not just Supermodels! There are countless photo shoots, video shoots, shows and events going on every day that need models specific to different kinds of niche markets. These include Alternative models, Plus sized models (curvy), Petite models, Gothic models, Tattooed models, Senior models, Real People models (and extras) and many more.

We have seen a massive increase in castings on for these kinds of models and we encourage anyone who wants to either work as a professional model, or people who would relish the opportunity to model if someone likes your look and gives you the opportunity. The word model is not an elitist word anymore and now it’s for everyone! If you want, you can be a model!


All in all, I admire all the models involved in making this project.
Check out the credits below to see the brilliant talents who made it possible.
  • Nicole Witte – Model and Swimwear designer
  • Mike Shannon – Model
  • Eva Maria Perez Llano – Model
  • Frederich Benoist – Model
  • Jenny Steffens – Model
  • Alejandro Fuster – Model
  • Monica Nanni – Model
  • Edwar Tiger – Model
  • Giovara Geertruida – Model
  • Alejandro Dengra Pintado – Model

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